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Swallowtail Garden Seeds

Packed for 2016

Flower, vegetable, and herb seed. 1,600 varieties.

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Swallowtail Garden Seeds is proud to offer you more than 1,600 varieties of seeds. You will find a wide selection of hybrid and heirloom seeds of annuals, perennials, flowering vines, vegetables, and herbs.

Annual plants bloom for an extended period within a single season. Often, annuals are the showiest plants in the garden.

Perennials bloom over multiple seasons. Some perennial plants flower for many months. Other perennial flowers concentrate their bloom into a number of weeks, often with spectacular results. Once established, perennials require less maintenance.

Flowering vines grow fast, produce plenty of flowers. These blooms are often hummingbird favorites. Moon vine and sweet peas add delicious fragrance.

Growing vegetables from seed is a passion of ours. Deciding to find room in our lives and gardens for homegrown vegetables has been a healthy, nourishing choice. For those who save seeds, you will see many open pollinated vegetables. Look for the (OP) designation under the plant name.

Herb seeds: Our focus is on providing you plants with higher yields, increased levels of essential oils, and longer seasons of harvest.

Additionally, we offer seeds in bulk amounts. You may choose from a list of 4,000 varieties of flower, herb, and vegetable seeds.